Everyone has the right to a cool kitchen

In line with the thinking behind the design concept of Orchid Palm Homes, we want our customers not only to personalise their house design, finishing and landscaping but also their kitchen design. We will escort you to the Kvik showroom in Hua Hin for you to choose your kitchen and to discuss your personal requirements with the kitchen designers.

Who is Kvik?

Kvik have been delivering Danish designed kitchens for more than 25 years, they revolutionised the kitchen sector with innovative design. The concept remains the same to this day, and they continue to develop so Kvik’s innovation over the years has resulted in the introduction of a great many innovative ideas that have inspired many of our customers.

Moving beyond conventional thinking

Kvik was based on sound reason, deep respect for their customers and, not least, a willingness to embrace change. And it is this willingness to challenge the established way of doing things that still characterises the company today. Both in the way they sell kitchens and in their ideas about design and functionality.

Sociable kitchen

In 1999, Kvik introduced the concept of "The Sociable Kitchen" Their philosophy was simple: A large room furnished as a kitchen, but with multiple functions. With the work island in the middle of the room as the beating heart where family and friends gather for food preparation, a good laugh or deeper conversations. It is without doubt the center of many homes & as such needs to have that extra special care & attention when being designed to make sure that comfort & functionality are hand in hand.